Health Assessment Reports

Buncombe County has a strong history of creative pioneering in the field of health care. We have forged new territories in creating unique partnerships amongst all levels of providers and for differing populations within our communities. Hospitals have merged, a community safety-net system for uninsured, low-income residents has achieved national recognition, and community health initiatives are well known for their impact.

Being able to assess our strengths and identify our needs and challenges has been crucial to this progress. This health assessment is a key component of our ongoing commitment to gathering solid, varied data to support the best in decision-making and monitor our progress.

A community health assessment is a systematic, data-driven approach to determining the health status, health behaviors, and needs of residents in a defined geographical region. The CHA report becomes a guide or roadmap for the primary health issues our community will address collectively for the next five years. From the CHA report, service agencies in the public and private sectors can formulate strategies to improve community health and wellness.

Buncombe County Community Health Assessment Reports

North Carolina’s Department of Health & Human Services requires that Buncombe County conduct a Community Health Assessment (CHA) every four years.

As the certified Healthy Carolinians coalition for Buncombe County, HealthPartners provides joint leadership with the Buncombe County Department of Health (BCDH) as the community collaborates to conduct this study, and present a report and resulting action plans.

Mission Hospitals is a major funder of the study and provides leadership in the development & implementation of report & community plans to improve health and wellness

State of The County's Health - Annual Reports

During the interim years, Buncombe County Department of Health and HealthPartners issues a State-of-the-County Report that provides updated information about priority health issues specific to the county.

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