Healthy Communities

What is a Healthy Community? A healthy community is one that embraces the belief that health is more than merely an absence of disease; a healthy community includes those elements that enable people to maintain a high quality of life and productivity. For example:
  • A healthy community offers access to health care services that focus on both treatment and prevention for all members of the community. Buncombe County Medical Society offers Project Access to help bridge the gap of health care services to uninsured residents. To learn more about Buncombe County Medical Society’s unique approach to access to health care services for all members of the community check out their website:
  • A healthy community has roads schools, playgrounds and other services to meet the needs of the people in that community. (These items are often referred to as“infrastructure.”) To learn more about how Buncombe County works to meet these goals, check out the Healthy Buncombe Website:
  • A healthy community has a healthy and safe environment. To learn more about the current state of our community’s health check out the Buncombe County Community Health Assessment