Greenways, Please 

GREENER: Connect with money through jobs, tourism + economic development

The economic benefits of greenway development are well-documented by several studies completed along developed systems. A 2002 survey by the National Association of Realtors and National Association of Home Builders rates trails as the second most important community amenity out of a list of 18 choices. In addition, greenway systems attract businesses seeking places with a high quality of life. Greenways spur job growth in construction, maintenance, tourism-related opportunities, and local businesses.

Tourism and recreation-related revenues from trails and greenways include: recreation rentals and sales (bicycles, kayaks, canoes, campsites), recreation services (shuttle buses and tours), tours to places of historic and cultural interest, restaurants, breweries and lodging. Rails to Trails: Economic Benefits of Trails and Greenways

KINDER: Connect with Community + Cultural Heritage + Access

Greenways connect people with places via trails and pathways, providing a higher quality of life, healthier environment and more livable communities. Expanding existing and establishing new recreation and transportation greenways connects people to each other and our cultural and natural heritage. Corridors linking areas of farmland and open space help to preserve the rural landscape and way of life. Rails to Trails: Trails and Greenways for Livable Communities

Greenways provide free access for all citizens and visitors to use greenways and trails. A connected greenways and trails system will provide quick and affordable opportunities for recreation, physical activities and connecting to nature and wellbeing. Greenways provide a social justice element that other methods of land preservation do not.

Connector Column

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Monthly Connect Buncombe Themes

JANUARY: What is a Greenway?

FEBRUARY-KINDER: Connect with Community + Cultural Heritage + Access

MARCH-GREENER: Connect with Money through Jobs, Tourism + Economic Development

March, the month of green, will be our official launch month for Connect Buncombe.

APRIL- SMARTER: Connect with Transportation Independence + Sustainability

MAY-SAFER: Connect with Safer Transportation + Improved Traffic

JUNE-HEALTHIER: Connect with Health + Recreation

JULY- CONNECT BUNCOMBE: Making Greenways Happen