Newfound Watershed  

Newfound Project Helping Water Quality

EroisionThe Newfound Creek Watershed is a high priority for the Buncombe County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD).  Newfound Creek is currently listed on the NC Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) list of severely impaired waters due to sediment and fecal contamination. The EPA recommended a 92.8% reduction in fecal coliform bacteria loading. One of the most successful methods the SWCD has in limiting sediment and fecal contamination is accomplished by assisting landowners with the installation of best management practices (BMPs) to improve water quality. Agricultural BMPs are designed to reduce sediment and nutrient runoff from fields, protect stream banks from animals, and provide proper animal waste management.

In order to provide additional assistance to landowners in the Newfound Watershed the SWCD has successfully applied for and managed grants that provide financial incentives to landowners willing to install BMPs on their property. The Newfound Watershed Project just received $459,201 in grant funds from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to improve water quality for Newfound community residents. This grant provides up to 75% cost share for the installation of agriculture BMPs.

A few of the erosion and nutrient management measures that we have installed over the last ten years are:

  • Critical Area Plantings
  • Cropland Conversions
  • Pastureland Conversions
  • Riparian Buffer
  • Streambank and Shoreline Protection
  • Stream Restoration
  • Agricultural Road Repair or Stabilization

The stream protection BMPs include:

  • Heavy Use Area Protection
  • Livestock Exclusion System
  • Stock Trail & Walkway
  • Stream Crossing
  • Watering Tanks and Wells

Waste Management BMPs include:

  • Feeding/Waste Storage Structure
  • Heavy Use Area Protection
  • Replacement of Failing Systems

If you have property in the Newfound Creek Watershed area and are interested in grant money assistance, please contact Jenn Beck, Newfound Watershed Resource Coordinator at 828-250-4792 or e-mail Buncombe County Soil & Water is here to assist you with any community conservation needs.