Land Records  

The Buncombe County Land Records Office maintains and updates the property ownership maps for Buncombe County. Changes in ownership and property are initiated in this office. We have hard copy Orthophotographs that can be layered with the property maps.

You may also view GIS online. We operate a GIS (Geographic Information System) that can be accessed by utilizing our Public Access System. Cadastral information which includes property lines, flood plains (provided by FEMA), road names and right of way, soil lines, fire hydrants, water and sewer lines (provided by Water Dept. and MSD) and administrative districts and the newest orthophotography (flown in 1998) along with ownership information can be viewed and maps and reports may be created from this system. Prices vary depending on the products purchased. An 8 ½ x 14 map is $1.00. Larger maps range from $3.00 to $10.00.

Our department also stores the County Tax Maps that were used prior to the present system GIS, along with the accompanying ownership records.

Find Land Records online forms here.