Buncombe County's Preparedness 

Buncombe County Department of Health works with federal, state and local government agencies and community partners to continuously update and practice comprehensive Preparedness and Response Plans for a variety of crisis situations. Most plans supplement those prepared by Buncombe County Emergency Management which, in turn, supplements state and national plans.

Good communication is critical during a crisis. Buncombe County Department of Health works with a variety of local organizations and agencies in coordinating the Buncombe County Public Outreach Information Team. The team is currently comprised of public information officers from city and county government, Mission Hospitals, American Red Cross, Buncombe County Emergency Management, Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department, United Way 211, Asheville Chamber of Commerce, Asheville Regional Airport, and Asheville City and Buncombe County Schools. The team works to enhance and coordinate interagency communication efforts before, during and after a crisis.

To facilitate preparedness efforts, Buncombe County Department of Health works with a Public Health Preparedness Coordinator. This position works with Department of Health staff as well as the Emergency Management Services, Mission Hospitals, law enforcement, airport officials, and others to assure that Buncombe County is as prepared as possible for a serious public health threat. Plans are being coordinated and exercises performed regularly, to allow public and private agencies in Buncombe County the opportunity to practice effective responses in the event of a crisis.

There is no way of knowing when a crisis may happen. The best defense is for everyone in the community to be as prepared as possible.

Additional information and links will be added to this website as available. If you have specific questions about Buncombe County’s preparedness for a crisis please contact us.