We never know when a public health emergency or disaster might happen. Whether the emergency is a flood, hurricane, accident, terrorist attack, or disease outbreak such as pandemic flu, there are steps that everyone can take ahead of time that can lessen the impact when an emergency happens.

Taking personal responsibility for your own safety by being prepared is important. It will benefit you during an emergency, and also helps our first responders, emergency management services, fire fighters and law enforcement.

There are three things you need to do to be prepared.

  1. Have an emergency kit.
  2. Know where to find current information during a local crisis.
  3. Have a communication plan for your family.

Disasters can affect our jobs, schools, churches, food, gasoline, and other resources that we normally take for granted. Being prepared before a disaster happens can make a difficult situation a little easier for you and your family.

This website and additional links are designed to help you prepare for any emergency. Additional information and links will be added as available.

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