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Ordinances are local rules adopted by the Board of County Commissioners. They cover animal control, subdivisions, cable TV, noise, land use, manufactured homes, solid waste, erosion control and many other issues.

The County's Code of Ordinances can be accessed at Municode Online Ordinances and individual ordinances regarding specific topics can be found in the Governing Section where applicable.

To learn more about one of the ordinance listed below you can contact the person listed.

Contact Topic Who to Contact Phone #
Abandoned Vehicles Mason Scott 250-4847
Adult Establishments Debbie Truempy 250-4842
Air Pollution Control David Brigman 250-6777
Ambulance Service Jerry VeHaun 250-6600
Animal Control Jim Robinson 250-6670
Building Inspections/Permits Matt Stone 250-5366
E-911 Service Jerry VeHaun 250-6600
Farmland Preservation Debbie Truempy 250-4840
Fire Prevention/Protection Terry Gentry 250-6620
Flood Damage/Prevention Cynthia Fox Barcklow 250-4836
Garbage Collection Jerry Mears 250-5467
Hazardous Waste Kristy Smith 250-5473
Junkyards/Junk Cars Mason Scott 250-4847
Litter Control Roger Pressley 250-5470
Manufactured Home Parks Debbie Truempy 250-4842
Noise Sheriff's Office 250-6670
Off-Premise Signs Debbie Truempy 250-4842
Parks, Greenways & Recreation Fran Thigpen 250-6703
Rental Housing Terry Gentry 250-6620
Sign Control Debbie Truempy 250-4842
Street Addressing Mila White 250-4854
Stormwater Mike Goodson 250-4854
Subdivisions Gillian Phillips 250-4852
Watershed Protection Debbie Truempy 250-4842
Zoning Planning Department Staff 250-4830