For Children  

Buncombe County provides a network of family-centered programs and services.  These are planned to ensure safe, stable , caring families for our county's children, and helping family lives become stronger.

Child Protective Services
N.C. law requires that local county departments of Social Work Services ensure children's safety in their homes. A child protective services investigative assessment determines whether abuse or neglect has occurred and whether other services may be needed to help the family. (More Information)
Child Support
Child support agents, by contract with the Buncombe County Child Support Services, help to locate absent parents, assist in establishing paternity and facilitate child support payments to be ordered by the courts. (More Information)
Foster Care
Foster care is temporary substitute care for children who cannot remain safely in their home as determined by the Court. Child placement services shall be provided to any child in the custody or placement responsibility of a County Social Work Services. (More Information)
Health Insurance
Children who are under age 19 may qualify for free or low cost health insurance if they are uninsured and if the family income is higher than the Medicaid limits but less than 200% of the poverty level. (More Information)
The Buncombe County Childhood Vaccination Program offers all required and recommended vaccines for infants, school aged children and college bound individuals. (More Information)
Our Nutrition programs are designed to improve the health and well-being of Buncombe County residents. We offer several programs to benefit adults, children, and infants. (More Information)