Are You Green?

Buncombe Green - Growing Greener Together

If you or your employer are "Going Buncombe Green," then we would like to hear all about it.

Please take a moment to tell us about any steps you’ve taken to save time, money and/or the environment through recycling, reducing or reusing your resources.

Do you recycle? We would like to know all about the process that works for you.

Do you or your employer use recycled goods? Do you use them in your home? We would love to hear what you have done. Describe the changes you've made to make your household or workplace -- Buncombe Green.

Submit anything that you have created or the process you use – please explain the process so others can duplicate it

Examples include:

  • Do you make your own reusable cloth grocery bags?
  • Do you use solar energy?
  • Have you started recycling?
  • Do you pick up trash in your neighborhood?
  • Have you figured out a way to reduce the amount of garbage your household produces?
  • Do you bike to work?
  • Do you have a compost pile and how do you use it?

Tell us what you are doing to make your life a little bit greener!

Your ideas have the power to make Buncombe County a better, greener place! By submitting and sharing your experiences you are helping to preserve the beauty of Buncombe County.


If you have any questions concerning your submitted information, please contact Kathy Hughes at or 828-250-4105.

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