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Buncombe County Employment  

Job TitleHuman Services Planner/Evaluator II
AgencyHuman Services Support Team
Salary Range$81, 927 - $85,613
Job LocationBuncombe County Health & Human Services
Closing Date11/5/2014
Job Details

General Statement of Duties
The primary purpose of this position will be to develop and implement data management tools for use in program planning and evaluation. (#1935) 

Special Requirements
Familiarity with Microsoft SharePoint and experience in data analysis using Excel PowerPivot are advantages. 

Examples of Work
Serve as a liaison to the Business Intelligence Team; Ongoing Business Intelligence Dashboard maintenance; Manage data and programmatic requirements across large complex service divisions (e.g., Public Health, Social Work Services) including the mining of data to support outcome-driven analytics and benchmark; Ongoing updating and maintenance of Business Intelligence Dashboard. The employee in this position will work closely with programs in the development and implementation of reporting mechanisms to assure internal quality standards are achieved and will work with programs in the development of monitoring and training plans to achieve/maintain state and federal benchmark requirements; will supervise the development of Health and Human Services data management team to assist with the development and implementation of individual scorecards using Business Intelligence/Data warehouse management systems; will work with management to assure appropriate monitoring and evaluation of fiscal and programmatic reporting mechanisms to report success and compliance. Responsible for coordinating integrated management of fiscal and programmatic metrics to assist managers meet programmatic and fiscal targets. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Understanding of complex funding streams and ability to manage resources to appropriately fund programs; Ability to integrate data across HHS to support integrated outcomes; Ability to create systems that support effective and efficient work flow; Ability to understand and manage complex data tools including statistical manipulation of data (e.g., trend lines)
General knowledge of the methods and techniques of social research and evaluation, of the program areas - some knowledge of computer-assisted statistical programs and working knowledge of statistical analysis of data; Ability to design data gathering instruments through the use of Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, SharePoint and to assess the validity of information obtained from these instruments, to analyze data and to draw conclusions from the analysis pertaining to the evaluation of the value/potential of the program/project; Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely and to make oral and written presentations on the analysis of the project/study; Ability to plan and execute work effectively; Physical and emotional stamina, management, planning, organization skills and effective communications skills are needed; A thorough knowledge of other county, state, federal and private agencies whose work impacts on the unit or with which work must be interfaced along with a high degree of resourcefulness and judgment in determining applicability of the guides in unusual or non-recurring circumstances; Requires a thorough knowledge of Health and Human Services Programs; specialized knowledge of data management design tools and best practice metrics used in a Health & Human Services environment. Must have ability to efficiently and cordially interact with co-workers to accomplish common tasks; Ability to efficiently and courteously interact with the employer’s customers, and the ability to function in highly stressful circumstances. Individual will perform duties as a representative of a public agency and is subject to high standards for personal and professional conduct. 

Minimum Education and Experience
A master's degree in public or human services administration or a human services programmatic fields such as psychology, social work, etc., preferably with course work in human services planning and one year of experience in human service program planning or administration, or research and evaluation using statistical methodologies; or graduation from a four-year college or university and three years of administrative or consultative experience, research, evaluation and statistical application in the human service field; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 

Additional Information
All applicants will be given credit only for information provided in response to this announcement. No additional information will be solicited or considered by this office; therefore, persons who submit incomplete applications may not receive full credit for their education, training, and experience. Applicants will not automatically be given credit based on their position title. If work history involves part time work, you must state the number of hours per week to receive credit. 

How can I apply for County Employment?

Applications are accepted for posted position vacancies only. Please apply online. Paper applications are not accepted.

The full application package contains the Buncombe County application for employment, work history continuation sheet, Buncombe County authorization for release of personal and confidential information and the Buncombe County drug screening through urinalysis applicant consent form.

A college transcript must accompany applications for Social Worker positions. Please attach a copy or have your college send one to:

Buncombe County Human Resources
200 College Street, Suite 403
Asheville, NC 28801

Should you require special assistance to apply for a position, please contact Human Resources at 828-250-4166.


  • Resumes are not accepted in place of applications and will not be accepted via e-mail. A resume may accompany a completed application for a posted vacancy.
  • Drug screen consent & personal information release documents are required with all applications.
  • To apply for more than one position, you must submit a separate application for each position.
  • Be sure to indicate on the application the specific position for which you are applying.

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