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Buncombe County Employment  

The Job You Requested is No Longer Available. Please Select Another Job From the List Below

You may now apply for the following jobs online by clicking Individual Job Titles. New jobs are posted every Thursday morning.

Current Job Listings

Environmental Health Specialist - Food & LodgingHealth Center
Environmental Health Specialist - Septic & Well WaterHealth Center
Local Public Health Administrator IHealth Center
Public Health Nurse II - School HealthHealth Center
Human Services Planner/Evaluator IHuman Services Support Team
Human Services Planner/Evaluator IIHuman Services Support Team
Architectural Drawing Digitization Project ClerkLibrary Culture & Recreation
Library PageLibrary Culture & Recreation
Office Assistant IVPre-Trial Release
Investigative/Assessment & Treatment Social WorkerSocial Services Dept
Social Worker IIISocial Services Dept
Accounting Technician IIISocial Services Dept
Income Maintenance Caseworker III - SMESocial Services Dept
Income Maintenance Supervisor IISocial Services Dept

How can I apply for County Employment?

Applications are accepted for posted position vacancies only. Please apply online. Paper applications are not accepted.

The full application package contains the Buncombe County application for employment, work history continuation sheet, Buncombe County authorization for release of personal and confidential information and the Buncombe County drug screening through urinalysis applicant consent form.

A college transcript must accompany applications for Social Worker positions. Please attach a copy or have your college send one to:

Buncombe County Human Resources
200 College Street, Suite 403
Asheville, NC 28801

Should you require special assistance to apply for a position, please contact Human Resources at 828-250-4166.


  • Resumes are not accepted in place of applications and will not be accepted via e-mail. A resume may accompany a completed application for a posted vacancy.
  • Drug screen consent & personal information release documents are required with all applications.
  • To apply for more than one position, you must submit a separate application for each position.
  • Be sure to indicate on the application the specific position for which you are applying.

Western Highlands Network: Employment Opportunities

Western Highlands Network

* Employment Opportunities are also available through the Western Highlands Network. To learn about their current openings go to the "Careers" page of their website.