Planning Board  

The Planning Board is a quasi-legislative board consisting of nine regular members appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  Board members are private citizens and do not receive compensation for their service.  The Planning Board makes recommendations on land use ordinances to the Commissioners, including, but not limited to, the Buncombe County Land Development and Subdivision Ordinance and the Buncombe County Zoning Ordinance.  Applications for major subdivisions (subdivisions consisting of 11 lots or more), rezoning requests, and text changes to the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance are heard before the Planning Board.  The Board makes recommendations to the Commissioners for rezonings and ordinance text changes.  They are also the sole reviewing authority for major subdivisions.

This Board regularly meets the first and third Mondays of each month at 9:30 a.m., however the Board may meet at different times for special meetings or due to holidays or other extenuating circumstances.  A quorum consists of five Board members, and decisions are made by majority vote. 

Application deadlines for the Planning Board can be found on the Subdivision Ordinance and Zoning Ordinance websites.  The agenda and meeting notice will generally be posted on the website at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting, though the agenda may be amended after posting. 

Agendas and Other Documents

Planning Board Meeting

Planning Board Meeting Agenda & Minutes

November 3, 2014 agenda minutes
October 20, 2014 agenda minutes
October 6, 2014 agenda minutes
September 15, 2014 agenda minutes
August 18, 2014 agenda minutes
July 21, 2014 agenda minutes
July 7, 2014 agenda minutes
June 16, 2014 agenda minutes
May 19, 2014 agenda minutes
May 5, 2014 agenda minutes
April 21, 2014 agenda minutes
April 7, 2014 agenda minutes
March 17, 2014 agenda minutes
March 3, 2014 agenda minutes
February 17, 2014 agenda minutes
February 3, 2014 (meeting canceled due to weather) agenda minutes
January 27, 2014 agenda minutes
January 6, 2014 agenda minutes
December 16, 2013 agenda minutes
December 02, 2013 agenda minutes
November 18, 2013 agenda minutes
November 04, 2013 agenda minutes
October 21, 2013 agenda minutes
October 7, 2013 agenda minutes
September 16, 2013 agenda minutes
September 9, 2013 agenda minutes
August 19, 2013 agenda minutes
June 17, 2013 agenda minutes
June 3rd, 2013 agenda minutes
May 20, 2013 agenda minutes
May 6, 2013 agenda minutes
April 15, 2013 agenda minutes
March 18, 2013 agenda minutes
March 4, 2013 agenda minutes
February 18, 2013 agenda minutes
February 4, 2013 agenda minutes
January 28, 2013 agenda minutes

**Please note that minutes will not be posted for meetings until they have been approved by the Planning Board at their next scheduled meeting. Please contact Gillian Phillips at (828) 250-4852 or to request minutes for meetings not posted online.